Hey, do you like guitars?

In regards to producing "content," I'm making a shift from quantity to quality. As various social media platforms race to the bottom, I'm not sure participating fully in those arenas makes sense for me anymore. I'll still occasionally post, of course, but I'm saving the best of my efforts for an email newsletter. There's no comments section. No bots. No ads. No "Promote it on ______." No weird DMs about free products. No hacked accounts. So, none of that stuff. What will be in this email newsletter? The highest quality guitar and business-related content I'm capable of producing, outside of the "real" work (stuff on my bench). There'll be some opinion pieces, personal stories, chatter about repair work, advice, and honesty. If you're interested in longer-form content, better images, and a direct line of communication, please join me on the journey. Thanks for your continued support. I don't know where I'd be without my community, both online and off!
-Nate @ Stahman Guitars 
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